Tiny Raglan Sweater Ornaments

Tiny Raglan Ornament Materials: Fingering to DK weight yarn, variegated and self-striping yarns give a particularly nice effect. Set of 5 double-point needles, of a size to give you the gauge you want. A contrasting-colored waste yarn (10 inches or so will do.) These are easy and fast to knit.  I knitted these a couple ofContinue reading “Tiny Raglan Sweater Ornaments”

Knitted Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves This is a great project for the cold months and can be knitted in a couple of hours, depending on your sill level.  They can be knitted on straight needles or pattern can be adjusted for double pointed needles for circular knitting.  Make two.  Fits a regular size hand.  The pattern below isContinue reading “Knitted Fingerless Gloves”

2 Color Reversible Boot Cuff Pattern

2 Color Reversible Boot Cuff Pattern Last winter, my sister sent me a picture of crocheted boot cuffs and asked if I could knit them for her.  The boot cuffs looked easy enough and I knitted a pair for her.  While surfing Pinterest, I noticed the boot cuffs are everywhere.  The boot cuffs can beContinue reading “2 Color Reversible Boot Cuff Pattern”

Sparkling knitted short row ruffle scarf

  What girl doesn’t like anything sparkly.  This short row ruffle scarf is fast and easy to make.  All you need to know is how to knit every row.  It’s done is garter stitch with short rows without wrapping just turning the work.  To purchase go to Etsy Supplies: 70g of a lace weight yarn (IContinue reading “Sparkling knitted short row ruffle scarf”