Tea Party Banner



  • 11 12″x 12″ scrapbook sheets
  • White scrap paper (embossed with the Cuddle Bug Embosser)
  • Roll of lace beads
  • Multiple patterned paper
  • Hot Glue gun

I used the die cut machine (Cricut) to make this Tea Party banner.  Started with 12″ x 12″ scrapbook sheets I got for free because Michael’s Craft store was going to throw them out a couple of years ago.  I cut 11 triangles out of these free scrapbook sheets.  Scrapbook albums come with white card stock sheets in the sheet protectors, so I used these in the Cricut to cut 11 circles of the same size.  The circles were embossed using the Cuddle Bug Embosser.   The lace beads were hot glued around the circles and hot glued down on the triangles.  Next,  I cut the letters using the Cricut out of colorful patterned paper and hot glued them on the circles.  I used a hole punch to cut two small holes across the top of the triangles to put string through it for hanging.

All the materials used came from my personal stock pile and did not have to purchase any materials to make this banner.

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