Knitted Beanies

Another passion of mine is knitting. It’s been about 15 years since I started this hobby. A self-taught knitter with a crochet background. It wasn’t easy but the ends justified the means. My first stitches were simple garter and stockinette stitches.  I have knitted many hats and scarfs. Christmas is very busy time for me.

With time I’ve learned more advanced stitches and eventually learned how to knit in the round.  I love knitting beanies especially for babies.  I’ve knitted baby sweaters and booties and love to give them away as presents.

Here are some of my knitted items.

Toddler Knitted Hat
Toddler Knitted Hat With Flower
Knitted Beanie and Booties
Matching Knitted Beanie and Booties
Knitted Ear Flap Beanie
Knitted Ear Flap Beanie and Black Neck Cowl
Knitted Baby Beanie with Cable Band
Knitted Baby Beanie with Cable Band and Pearl Beads


  1. You are a very talented knitter. Do you make knitted and crocheted goods for craft fairs as well, or do you just make hats, sweater and booties for family and friends? Maybe you’ll find this entertaining. I recently bought a green knitted Cthulhu mask for Halloween. Here’s the link: There is no end to what you can knit for every occasion! #cs5711


    1. Heaven´t heard of ecco bella before, but the products you show us looks great! I like the colour and the foundation too.You have a new folrewer.Gloetings from GermanyMaegwin


  2. Interessante Theeiion.Mrch würde es nicht wundern, wenn 30-60% dessen umgesetzt wird in naher Zukunft.Immer schwieriger wird es, die KMU als Kunden zu überzeugen. Es ist jetzt schon kein Leichtes, jemanden zu Google Places zu bewegen und Facebook. Von Google+ gar nicht zu sprechen.Ich bin gespannt, was so passiert lgGabor


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